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The Graduate Institute of Cross -Cultural Studies was established in 2010. Prior to its establishment, there were three individual graduate instituteds--- Graduate Institute of Linguistics ( est. 1969 ), Graduate Institute of Translation ( est. 1988 ), and Graduate Institute of Comparative Literature ( est. 1994 ). Each institute was the first one ever founded in Taiwan. After several decades of effort, the three specializations have built a deep foundation and have been recognized both at home and abroad.

To cope with the trend of global academia, the three institutes were combined into the Graduate Institue of Cross-cultural Studies on August 1st, 2010, thus forming the first graduate institute in Taiwan with such an emphasis on the humanities. Aside from keeping the original characteristics and core values, the institute aims to create a new realm in language, literature and culture and to cultivate cross-cultural and interdisciplinary professionals with local interest and international vision.